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Just imagine...

Just imagine if you had a magic wand and could wave it over your financial life, what would that life look like? Freedom from work, a condo at the beach, a new car in the garage every year, a closet full of the latest fashions?

Let’s do some imagining about things that I think are just as good…

Just imagine that you and your spouse have a realistic, thoughtful plan for accumulating money for retirement, travel, major purchases, and other important things in your life.

Just imagine that you have put in place a plan that provides lifetime income to supplement your Social Security benefit during your retirement years.

Just imagine that your family is protected from the potential financial devastation that would be caused by your untimely death or a serious, long-lasting illness or disability.

Just imagine that you have relieved your family of the personal and financial burdens that might occur if you need to pay someone to take care of you when you’re old.

Just imagine that, when you pass away, your spouse and children have someone to whom they can turn to guide them and help manage your financial affairs in a caring and knowledgeable way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these and other money issues in your life could be less stressful and less demanding of your time and energy?
Well, they can be, and magic wands are not required. Why? Because I have the next best thing: hiring me as your financial advisor. With me as your guide, I will help you build a financial plan that fits your goals, resources, and family situation. I can’t guarantee success, but I can help you identify and address risks, invest your money using a rules-based approach, and map out a plan for retirement income – or whatever goals you have – that is realistic.

If this sounds good to you, call me for a free consultation.

Just imagine the possibilities…

 Mike Rich, CFP®

Pontchartrain Investment Management

2065 1st Street, Slidell, LA 70458



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