Principles of Practice

  • We act with integrity and honesty in all that we do.
  • The needs and interests of our clients shall always be our first and foremost consideration.
  • We aim to provide exceptional service and personal attention.
  • We want to be seen as a valued partner in all our client and business relationships.
  • We are transparent in our compensation.
  • Results come from establishing and adhering to appropriate investment strategies over the long term: they do not come from chasing short-term results.
  • The basic principles of making and keeping money are well known and timeless. It is in how they are implemented and followed that success or failure is realized.

At Pontchartrain Investment Management, we strive to embody these principles daily with our clients and business partners.

We Believe…

  • Conventional wisdom is just that. Challenge it every day.
  • A goal without a plan is no better than a wish. Make a plan to pursue your goals and stick with it.
  • Profits are good. Nobody ever went broke taking them.
  • Technical analysis works. Use it as a tool.
  • You can lose opportunity, or you can lose capital. A new opportunity will always present itself. Lost capital might not.
  • Rate of savings. It is just as important as rate of return.
  • Safety of assets is key. Some assets can disappear overnight unless they are protected by insurance.
  • Anyone can achieve financial stability. It takes commitment.
  • Total return matters. Benchmarks don’t.

Our Ideal Clients…

  • Are financial delegators. Our clients trust us.
  • Appreciate what we do. Our clients know that we offer advice only after careful analysis. They follow our advice and implement it.
  • Share us with others. Our clients understand that we rely on and expect them to introduce us to the people they care about so they, too, can gain from our skills and services.
  • Spend the time needed with us to make goals and establish a plan. Our ideal clients know that achieving financial goals requires a commitment of time, as well as money. They respond quickly to our requests for meetings to update and review progress and strategies.
  • Value our comprehensive financial services. Our clients know that the expertise and service they receive from us is worth every dollar spent on our compensation.